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     Ken Burkhart - Farm Manager

Ken Burkhart has been working in the field of personal business ownership since 1952 when he began his journey in the family business.  It was during those early years where he gained his knowledge of equipment- driving, maintenance and repair.  In 1959 Ken ventured out on his own to start a fruit and produce wholesale and retail business.  He sold the business in 1973 and went on to work for the next 15 years at a wholesale grocer as the supervisor of quality control - receiving/shipping.  He moved down south - planning to retire but got bored so he again started his own business in property management- lawn maintenance- commercial and residential, site maintenance - commercial and residential to include: plumbing, electrical,  you name it Ken fixed it! Ken brings a wide range of hands on knowledge to the team - business ownership, produce production and management, facilities/equipment maintenance and repair as well as what we at Samson's Strength Farms and Veteran Ventures call TRUE GRIT!

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