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Our Mission

New Homegrown By Heroes Logo.jpg

The Team at Samson's Strength Farms and Veteran Ventures, LLC has a passion for supporting our Warriors and the community. Our Team brings a unique understanding of the military population both personally and professionally. Our Business Owner brings over 31 years of military experience, 20+ enlisted and 11 officer. Our Farm Manager has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of farming/produce and property management. Our Case Manager supports us with over 20 years of Community Mental Health experience, specializing in trauma and Veterans. She also brings extensive background in the nonprofit and governmental agency arena, to include grant writing, program development and startups.

                Together the Team strives to engage recently returning or discharged Warriors with reintegration back into the community. The strong case management plan is designed to provide structure in a real world setting, to include connecting them with services and resources within the community and providing a day-to-day healthy living plan for future continued success. Utilizing the Farm and the Veteran Ventures to actively engage the Warriors, the Team  will enhance skill building through hands-on involvement in day to day workings of the sustainable farm, garlic production/marketing sales, as well as the other divisions – leatherworking, sawmill, Disc Jockey and Karaoke Jockey performances, equipment maintenance, property management, animal husbandry, and conservation practices.

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