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Samson's Strength Garlic North: Hardneck, German Porclain - available for sales in 2017!

Garlic North

Garlic North will be the starting point for Samson's Strength Farms and Veteran Ventures, LLC. Once .5 acres of hardneck garlic are planted, the LLC will become profitable once all garlic is harvested, hung and cured. Garlic seed will then be distributed to Garlic South, and .5 acres of hardneck will be planted on both farms. We are planting German Porcelain Hardneck Garlic as it has a great shelflife of 6-10 months. Year 3 we will plant .5 acres of Nookta-Rose Softneck Garlic on both farms bring total acreage planted to 2 acres between the two farms. Nookta-Rose Softneck is a Silverskin Garlic and has a shelflife of 6-10 months as well.

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